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Profile of the company

To become the most popular provider of data, information and expert in Automotive sector, integrated services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, based on the development of own production databases and TAXExpert ® family of products and the implementation of the world’s top software products of our reputable partners.

Give your customers a professional solution to their needs by providing a high maturity, quality, reasonable prices, complexity and flexibility of the offered products and services.
The Objectives Of The

To help our customers ensure the consistently high quality of all expert services and its information support in the Automotive sector.
To ensure the sustained development of the competitive information system TAXExpert ® in accordance with the latest technical and commercial information of manufacturers and importers of motor vehicles and their spare parts.
Always deliver integrated software solutions to the world’s technical and technological level in compliance with the customer requirements and goals.
To develop the sale of integrated services through a network of business partners in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.
In our company to create friendly and cooperative environment that supports continuous development of all staff and associates.


I. introductory provisions

Code of ethics of the company IBS automotive, s.r.o. (episode „the company“) provides the ethical rules of conduct and behaviour of workers and society as a whole, within the company and in relation to customers, business partners and the general public (hereinafter referred to as „the customer“).
II. basic rules

1) company offers and carry out the activities and services only in accordance with their professional competence, knowledge and experience.

2) employees of the company as well as external collaborators, who were posing and acting on behalf of the company, or by a contractor for the company who provide work and services (hereinafter referred to as „the worker“), are obliged to act in accordance with the generally applicable legislation and act decently, at a high professional level and objectively.
III. Relationship to customers

The company carries out, develops and improves its activities so as to meet the current and anticipated future needs of customers. In this context, employees of the company, in particular:

make sure to maintain the good reputation of the company and conduct with customers so that were perceived as part of a company-wide
respect the legitimate interests and requirements of our customers, with customers, always acting openly, fairly, politely and with the appropriate expertise,
provide customers with complete, accurate and understandable information, relating to the company’s account to the customer,
maintain secrecy on matters of company and customer, in respect of which it becomes aware as part of their professional activity,
do not accept from customers or other sums of money, valuables or gifts in excess of the established and contractually agreed conditions.

IV. Relationship of workers to companies

1) Staff shall carry out their duties and the tasks assigned to a responsible, conscientious, always high quality, on time and with due professional care.

2) workers are initiative and always operate properly according to their strength, knowledge and skills.

3) in his manners and a Staff meeting the interests of the company, to promote its aims, objectives, business strategy and to ensure that the good name of the company.

4) staff shall avoid all activities and personal activities, which would be in conflict with the interests of the company.

5) their abilities, skills and expertise of the staff constantly develop and improve.

6) Equipment, work equipment and instruments, which are owned by the company, workers solely to achieve the stated purposes and objectives, protecting them against misuse, damage, loss, theft or destruction.

In the relationships between workers.

1) Staff actively among themselves and communicate effectively and cooperate in solving business tasks in the interest of society as a whole.

2) Workers shall inform each other about all kinds of things can have an effect on the quality and the success of each individual, as well as the work of the entire team.

3) Personnel shall respect the knowledge, experience and opinions of their associates. In the case of a difference of opinions that are expressed in the appropriate place and in an appropriate manner so as not to compromise the interests of the company.

4) Workers favor a system of teamwork before a separate and individual solutions to problems.

5) principles of the negotiations between the workers must be you know, civility and mutual tolerance.
VI. Relationship to workers

Representatives of the company in relation to the workers–the Director and the Executive Director of the company, as well as individual executives of the company in the scope of control of organizational units. Representatives of the company in relation to workers, in particular:

create favorable working conditions and respect for the legitimate interests and needs of workers,
inform workers about the nature, objectives and strategy of the company,
manage, monitor and regularly evaluate the workers, their relationship to work, staff and their work results.

VII. final provisions

1) this code of conduct is binding on all